Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ESPN’s Marc Stein Echoes WFNY

With regard to the Cavaliers and their off-season rife with question marks, ESPN’s Marc Stein echoes much of what WFNY has been chanting for the last several months. Not only is the bearded Baron Davis not a slam-dunk realease come amnesty time, but the Wine and Gold would love to have everyone’s favorite veteran swingman Anthony Parker back for the 2011-12 season.

From Stein:

Sources with knowledge of Davis’ thinking told on Tuesday that Miami would not be at the top of Davis’ list of potential free-agent destinations if the Cavs indeed decide to set him free.

Davis’ hometown Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks, sources say, are the two teams he’s always dreamed of playing for. […]

Sources stress that the Cavs, weighing all of the above, are still deciding which way to go with Davis. They could elect to keep him for one more season and try to play him alongside No. 1 overall pick Kyrie Irving, based on the idea that they needn’t waive him immediately because they can’t get far below the salary cap without Davis until the summer of 2012 anyway.

From WFNY:

Sure, James is continually looking to recruit talented players like Jamal Crawford or Steve Nash, but with Davis – in this instance – earning his salary from the Cavaliers, he could certainly entertain signing a deal at a lower level of pay in order to ensure a better chance of winning. Whether that’s in Miami, New York or even closer to home (hello, Lakers) would remain to be seen. […]

A move of this magnitude would take the Cavaliers from their present spot of 12th-largest payroll to one which would 25th, not accounting for other teams using their clause. But this would also force Irving, into the spotlight on Day 1, working alongside fellow point guard Ramon Sessions. If the Cavaliers chose to hold on to their clause, letting Davis work with Irving while Jamison’s contract expires or gets moved to a team looking for a 30-something stretch forward, this will allow Chris Grant to take a gamble on a longer-term deal for a free agent in the near future.

Also from Stein:

Sources say that the Cavs, furthermore, regard re-signing Anthony Parker as a priority, with Parker earmarked to play a lot of shooting guard to free up minutes at small forward for the newly acquired Omri Casspi.

And…also from WFNY:

A quick perusal of mid-tier free agent wings gives us a not-so-attractive list that includes the following: Sasha Pavlovic, Jason Kapono, Tayshaun Prince, Mike Dunleavy, Peja Stojakovic, DeShawn Stevenson, Shane Battier and Al Thornton.  If we step it down a notch and look at shooting guards, we can add Delonte West, JR Smith, and our own Anthony Parker - a player who the club would love to bring back for at least one more season to work with the younger talent. 


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